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A number of new publications related to the Canadian Literature Symposium have appeared recently.

In the Reappraisals Series from University of Ottawa Press, Double-Takes: Intersections between Canadian Literature and Film (edited by David Jarraway) appeared in May 2013. This collection of essays grew out of the 2009 Symposium of the same name.

Also from the Reappraisals series, Home Ground and Foreign Territory: Essays on Early Canadian Literature (edited by Janice Fiamengo) appeared in April 2014. This collection of essays grew out if the 2010 Symposium, Rediscovering Early Canadian Literature.

Finally, Canadian Poetry: Studies, Documents, Reviews has just published a special issue dedicated to Irving Layton (No. 73, Fall/Winter 2013) edited by Robert David Stacey and Cameron Anstee, collecting new scholarship that was prompted by the 2013 Symposium, Whatever Else: An Irving Layton Symposium.

We are also in the process of updating the Symposia archives. More information to follow.